Creating Stories Contest - My Entry - It's all about The Sun now

Hello, fellow Steemit users. As per the rules of the contest, the image below was clicked by me for my story.


Clicked by me

The title of the story is - It's all about The Sun now. And here I begin with my story -

I sat there looking at my hands. The color of my skin had changed considerably and had become much darker. The reason was staying under the sun for too long but what choice did I have. Then, I recalled how everything had changed since the last year. Before the last year, life was normal. Everything was on its normal track, however, a situation involving a war had started to arise. It all started because a few countries started increasing their power despite the limitations imposed upon them. They sided with separate major superpowers in the world and as things escalated, one thing led to another, and pretty soon the war began. Despite several peace attempts, the war began and it resulted in destruction at a huge level.

Several countries were destroyed and many people lost their lives. Technology had taken a setback. The people who had survived the war were moved to certain concentration camps. The war had destroyed almost all forms of technology. The only source for electricity and power left for us was the Sun, that is, solar power. The Sun's rays were the main source of power for us. The day the Sun didn't come out, we had to go without any electricity. Nuclear power was banned after the war and hence no power was generated from it.

I was awakened from reliving this terrible pst, by some distant noise in neighbor. Someone was exclaiming with joy that the clouds have passed away and the Sun was out again. I got up to work at the solar power plant. I looked up and saw that the Sun was shining brightly again.

I would like to thank @adeljose, @xpilar, and @worldofxpilar for organizing this wonderful contest.

Thank You.

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Greetings friend @vaibhavsan

disturbing story about a village under the effects of post war destined to live on solar energy.

Thank you for your entry to the contest

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20.04.2021 17:15