Hello fellow Steemit users. The year 2020 was one of a kind. Probably, a time that no one would forget and all the credit goes to the whole covid - 19 situation. People stayed back at their homes for a really long time. They got to spend a lot of time with their families. Working from home was a new experience for everyone as many unexpected events happened at such times. Many new challenges and games were created online just to keep everyone busy. This time also proved beneficial for the environment as pollution levels were reduced to a minimum.

Despite how bad the year went for almost everyone, I am sure at least some good events or memories took place in everyone's life. It was a new experience for each and every one of us. As per the contest, I am required to share at least three good things that happened to me this year. So without further ado, I am going, to begin with, my 3 points.

  1. My website -
    The year had started to get pretty boring for me. I used to read books and articles a lot. I had read about how people start their own website and write about stuff on it. So, my friend and I started a website as I am very passionate about writing and was thinking of exploring more in this field. My friend created the website while I wrote the articles on it. The website contains articles mainly focussed on life, problems, and some other stuff. I am basically writing on what I have observed in this little span of my life. I have tried to put into words some issues, some dilemmas, and some baseless facts that we all believe in. This is just the beginning for me and I hope to achieve more through writing. I would like for each and every one of you to visit my website.

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  1. Steemit - Another great venture that I came across this year is the Steemit platform. A community so vast that it encompasses the globe. Through this platform, I got to interact with a lot of people from different countries. The contests, I feel are the best part of this platform. The topics of competitions are so uniques and engaging. I learnt about many different perspectives, cultures of different places and so many different new things. I was amazed as to how people are earning through this. This has motivated everyone a lot. Cryptocurrencies are very famous and not very easy to earn. But through this platform, people are able to earn by doing what they enjoy. I have been able to write about several different topics and participate in many different contests.
  2. Growth in Investing - My friend and I had started investing in the stock market. The year was not good for the market but it was good for beginners like us. We invested in stocks at a very low price and now as the year has ended, the prices rose a lot. It was nice to see some profit. We used to save some money and decided to start investing at an early age. Through the year we also discovered different platforms to earn money and cryptocurrency, and whatever we made through it, we invested that too.


I know that it has been a rough year for us all but we cannot let those past tragedies get the better of our present and our future. We need to move on, even slowly but steadily. I would like to thank @steemit, @belenguerra and @fendit for organizing this contest. It felt great to talk about the good stuff once in a while.

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