Better Life With Steemit | The Diary Game | 20/04/2021

Hello, fellow Steemit users. I am fine and well here and hope you guys are also doing great. I will now begin with how my day went.


I woke up at 8 in the morning. I brushed my teeth and went out for a walk with my brother. We did some exercises in the park and then went back home. My parents had left for work. I watched an episode of Russian Doll as I was about to finish the first season. It was good. Then, I took a bath and had some breakfast. I watched some tv while eating. Not many good programs were coming in the morning.


An episode of Russian Doll


I did some household work in the afternoon. The maid did not come that day so I cleaned the house instead. Then, I and my brother decided to order something for lunch. We ordered some chili chicken and chicken rolls for lunch. We ordered through Zomato. They were tasty. Then, I took an afternoon nap.

IMG_20210322_152245 (1).jpg

Chili chicken

IMG_20210412_180314 (1).jpg

Chcicken rolls


I woke up in the evening. My mother gave me some pomegranate to eat. I quickly ate it and then went out for a walk with my friends. We went to a nearby ice cream parlor and everybody had some ice creams. Then, we took some rounds of the park. After that, we went back home.

IMG_20210209_124735 (1) (1).jpg

A bowl of pomegranate


At night, I worked on some blogging. I watched the lectures on the course on WordPress I had taken. It was pretty informative. Then, it was time for dinner. After dinner, my parents went for a walk. I cleaned the table and prepared my bed. They came back home and went straight to bed. I and my brother stayed awake. I watched a few episode sof Gintama. That anime is really very funny. The story and everything is good. The action arcs in it are also nice. Then, I went to sleep.


Gintama is a very funny anime

Thank You.

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everybody had some ice creams

In this Covid situation taking Ice cream everyday is not good choice but took occasionally.

Nice post from you. Take care.

23.04.2021 00:05

Ok I will take care of that

23.04.2021 03:37

Nice diary from your side.have a great day
Stay safe & Take care

23.04.2021 09:18

Thanx for the visit

23.04.2021 09:42

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23.04.2021 10:46

Thank you for this

23.04.2021 11:01

A bowl of pomegranate

Healthy !

Gintama is a very funny anime

I will try to watch this anime soon.

Nice Diary from your side

25.04.2021 09:36

Thank you for the visit 🙂

25.04.2021 11:57

Chcicken rolls looks delicious

A bowl of pomegranate

They are very good for health.
Thank You

25.04.2021 12:42

Thank you for the visit 😊

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25.04.2021 17:59

Thank you 😊

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