Better Life With Steemit | The Diary Game | 15/04/2021

Hello, fellow Steemit users. I am fine and well here and hope you guys are also doing great. I am now going to begin with how my day went.


I woke up at 8 in the morning. I brushed my teeth and then went out for aa walk with my brother. My parents were getting ready to leave for work. After exercising, we went back home. My parents had left for work. I took a bath immediately as I was drenched in sweat. I had breakfast and then watched the movie Meg. I found the movie quite fascinating as I have always been intrigued by monsters and giant beasts. The movie depicted a huge shark.

The Meg


In the afternoon, my cousins came to my place. They were dropped off by their driver. Their parents were also not at home so we had planned to have some fun together. We played sveral games together. It was a lot of fun. Then, all of us made maggie together. Then, we watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory together. They were very funny. Then, after some time my cousins left. I took an afternoon nap.

IMG_20210418_204057 (1).jpg
Maggi is love

IMG_20210418_210813 (1).jpg
An episode of The Big Bang Theory


I woke up in the evening. My mother made some tea and snacks for everyone. I had mine and watched an episode of Young Sheldon while eating. Then, I went out for a walk with my friends. We took some rounds of the park and then sat down on the benches there. We discussed our day and then when it got a little late, we went back to our homes.

Young Sheldon is amusing


At night, I started studying for the class test tomorrow. It was on the subject of Maths. I studied from the ppts first and then did some practice questions. Then, it was time for dinner. Everybody gathered around the table. We had ordered chicken from Kalika Hut. My parenyss did not eat it, they had the normal veg stuff. After dinner, my parents went to bed. I and my brother stayed awake. I watched some episodes of the anime Gintama. Then, I went to sleep.

IMG_20210412_194008 (1).jpg
Kolhapuri Chicken from Kalika Hut

Thank You.

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Heard a lot about the big bang theory but never watched it, though I like other Netflix series.

18.04.2021 17:03

Thanx for the visit and you should watch it. Its good.

18.04.2021 19:40

You selection of tv serials is a bit unique.

Then, we watched a few episodes of The Big Bang

From where you watched it? I think i should give it a try, if it is science related.


18.04.2021 17:47

I watched it from Prime. Its a very good series.

18.04.2021 19:40

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18.04.2021 19:05

Thank you for the visit

18.04.2021 19:39