🎨 Streetart Frankfurt #47 - "Wäldchen (6) : "Moose Thornes" 🦌🌹 - [GERMANY]

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( 13 pics ) A last piece of the Wäldchen is still to go. Here you have it! This great "Tunnel-Graff-Paradise" has also an exit on the east side. This part is more forest style and the great stars on this scene are the owl, the moose and endless letters.

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As well... Why I am always writing and posting at night? Actually it´s stupid to post in the middle of the night, nobody can see it. But maybe on the other side of the world people are just waking up... Could be a good side effect, but it´s definitly not that.

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The nice quietness of having everybody around sleeping... that means everybody. Now they sleep. Stupid and non-stupid, tall, small, young, old, left, right, up, down, whatever, everybody is just sleeping. .... Nice.... Finally more time to be really creative and show as well something to the Steemians! :-)

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Location: Ginnheimer Wäldchen, Frankfurt, Germany
Camera: Nikon D5300
Photographer: @vagabundler


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A real goldmine of graffiti this passage Wäldchen. Thanks for sharing this pictures. You write the night so I can see that by waking me up... perfect :-)

06.11.2019 20:22

Thanks! And when I am going to work in the subway I see your updates. But really looking on it, I just do take my time when I have some time and look closer on the stuff. Maybe I don´t like and plopp up that often, but when I do it means I really went through the content. Really like you way of archivation and descritpion.

08.11.2019 00:17