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🎨 Streetart Frankfurt #44 - "Wäldchen (3) : Umbrella Rose" ☂️ 🌹 - [GERMANY]

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( 14 pics) The name of the post describes the two walls of the upway at the graffiti place close to the Ginnheimer Wäldchen. On the one wall you have a nearly lovely and dreamfull skyworld with balloons and even a zepellin. On the other sidde at th mid half of the down way there is thhe rose. And there is another little part where it keeps on going up and the wall gets smaller, it´s in pink and a white lettering at the biggest part. The words are just true. There is written in German: "Das Glück deines Lebens hängt von der Beschaffenheit deiner Gedanken ab." - This means in English: "The happiness of your life depends on the nature of your thoughts." - Have aswell a look at the previous two posts, all of it is at one underpass, it´s not a big one, just an underpass. But they remodelled it to an art gallery. Thank you to the artists!

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Location: Ginnheimer Wäldchen, Frankfurt, Germany
Camera: Nikon D5300
Photographer: @vagabundler


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