🎨 Streetart Frankfurt #42 - "Wäldchen (1) : Comic Family" 🤓👾🤖😈🤡 - [GERMANY]

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(11 pics) This underpass here isn´t just a way through or below the tracks. It is a fabulous gallery of urban high quality artworks. It´s not only about the colors and fantastic art you see, if you would now more about the background of all this and the artists, struggles between groups and crews, so behind this awesome rechanged masterpiece in visual, there is much more about coming together and meaning of this area here. But not everything is to tell. For this series here it is about the artworks, enjoy how they completely remodeled this ugly underground way. And imagine how it would look like without that color. Before people passed through quickly, didn´t even like to go through, maybe took another longer way to avoid it. Now... people are planing to go there to see this fantastic and interesting underground. It´s not touristic, not like that. But you can always see some people are stopping, some watching, some are taking photos. .... and the most incredible thing... some even start talking to each other... ;-)

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It´s really a lot of graffiti artwork besides this here at this place, diverse and different styles and themes, all good and just brilliant ones. The next few post will be about this place a bit more in detail. And here we go for the start with the Comic Family! It´s the part of walking down to the underpass, and they covered the left side (when you walk down, because it goes zig-zag), but this whole wall is coverd with the best ones of the best! The cartoon heroes and characters from the last decades, some of them. Just to walk the distance would take you a short time, you can make this walkway in aroung 15 to 20 seconds. It took us like half an hour... Means: Around half a minute walking and 29,5 minutes watching the amazing paintings on the walls. Exhibition and open gallery! Wonderful!

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This here is numerber one, the Comic Family, there will be three more other themes in the next posts.

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Location: Ginnheimer Wäldchen, Frankfurt, Germany
Camera: Nikon D5300
Photographer: @vagabundler


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Echt cool

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30.08.2019 22:14

Ich poste noch die andere Seite, den Durchgang und was da noch da ist. Sind wirklich hammers Sachen! Aber alle verschieden. Im Durchgang sind dann wieder Portraits. Alles irgendwie zusammen-gemixt, aber immer größere Bereiche in einem Stil.

30.08.2019 22:23

Schau echt nice aus. Ich bewundere solche Künstler.
Hier mal einige Graffiti aus Wien:


30.08.2019 22:55

Sehr sehr cool! Ja genau sowas. Tolle Sachen! Ich find auch, dass es wichtig ist, sowas zu dokumentieren und mit Fotos abzuspeichern. In einem Jahr sind schon wieder ganz andere Werke dort.

31.08.2019 00:16

Amazing B&W mural with the red lettering... It's much better than a gray wall, especially for a way below the railtracks.

31.08.2019 00:03

This is just like a little aperitivo. It´s the way down to that under pass, to the "underground". ... where the more complex artwork starts. I will show in the next post. ;-)

31.08.2019 00:26

Very cool. Resteemed.

31.08.2019 10:51

Thanks! Not only for my post, but for appreciation :-) Followed you now, I´ve seen some of your arts before and liked. Great acrylics, I missed pushing the follow button, but did now. Let´s bring more color into the world! Means: Real world and walls and canvasas and galleries. But as well online to reach people from everywhere. We are one humanity, one huge organism. And this organism works better with color, not with greyness :-)

07.09.2019 23:25

I couldn't agree more. Have a wonderful Sunday. :)

08.09.2019 08:26

sehr schöne arbeit.

31.08.2019 23:34

Jap! Nummer (2) ist gepostet, hab auch grad auf dein Kommentar geantwortet. Es folgt noch (3) und (4).

07.09.2019 23:22