🎨 Streetart Frankfurt #39 - "Hügel Street Underground Pillars" 🚇 🚆 - [GERMANY]

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(29 pics) At the subway station "Hügelstraße" in the neighbourhood Dornbusch there is a quite big underpass network below the highway above. You have two biger halls and a few gangways and alleys. All of them are painted with geometrical structures, objects and humans. There is as well the roof the floor painted and at a few spots they made some plastics and concrete sculpturing which is coming out of the walls. It´s a very nice and colorful design for this connection ways to the trains. At night it can be quite spooky, with some color it´s not that ugly and dark anymore. They did this type of underpass painting at several stations in the Frankfurt subway system. This one here is the biggest one, as well you can find it at Dronbusch and Miguel-Allee.

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Location: Engelbert-Humperdinck-School, Frankfurt, Germany
Camera: Nikon D5300
Photographer: @vagabundler


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