🎨 Streetart Frankfurt #31 - "Walking Hands" 👐 🎨 👌 - [GERMANY]

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(28 pics) - We jump now to another continent, from South America to Europe and actually back to my hometown: Frankfurt. I want to tell you people who are really following, who like streetart and graffiti and who are looking on the stuff what I am doing. I am working on an archive here, I am building up a nice album of streetart nuggets from all around the world. Step by step. In a few years, there will be so much to click around, and yes, I try to connect with links and all that. It´s not about the one post, they will be all connected with links. I want to have a library for everybody who likes to spend time with this. And I can tell you: I won´t stop. Why? Because I just deeply love it. It´s only about the time, I would like to have much more time to do and work on that :-).

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Here you get now the "Walking Hands" from the suburb station "Ostendstraße" in Frankfurt, it´s a wonderful change of how the artists Case Ma'Claim and Does completely redecorated this before ugly place. Made in 2016. Check out as well the other postings from Frankfurt and also from the several city collections. All the series will continue.

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Location: Ostendstraße, Frankfurt, Germany
Camera: Nikon D5300
Photographer: @vagabundler


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Amaxing mural ... I wonder if there is an effect when you are inside the metro when it leaves the station?
It takes a lot of time to organize and find info about artists... but worth it :-)

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