Launching the GPSPhoto Challenge


My alter-ego ( @yintercept ) has been playing #TheDiaryGame. He wrote 27 posts for the game and has yet to receive a curation from the curators. [An analysis of the game] shows that about 400 people are writing posts each day. About 50 of the participants have received no rewards while insiders at SteemIt are getting scores of curations.

The curators claim they are overwhelmed and are taking a 5 day break from the game.

I decided to use the break to launch my own tag based challenge to show that curation is easy. The tag is #gpsphoto .

Entries in the contest need to have an interesting subject located on earth. The post needs a title and GPS coordinate.

My first picture shows an abandoned mine building on the Daly trail above Park City, Utah . To get the GPS coordinates, I simply loaded Google Maps. I clicked on the building and Google showed me the coordinates in decimal format.

I will build maps from the uploaded photos.

Unfortunately, it is after 1:00 AM and I am tired. So, I will write more on this project tomorrow.


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