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GPSphoto - Advertising Opportunity


The picture is of Planetarium Station which is the Trax Station serving Gateway Mall. A Trax Train is at the station. The coordinates are:

40.766273,-111.902560 SLC Map

This is the second entry in the #GPSphoto challenge. I will try to make an entry a day. To play the game, one simply adds the GPS coordinates of the photo with the photo and includes the tag #gpsphoto .

I feel bad that the curation reward is only a half a penny. I don't have hard cash to add to my SteemIt account, but I happen to have a boat load of advertising space on my web sites.

I would be happy to trade ad space for STEEM . So, lets say I sold ad space for $100 SBD. I would power up all of my new found wealth which would increase the curation reward for the challenge to a penny.

I made a page for ordering ads. The page lists rate of $0.20 CPC. You can just drop a comment telling me the destination of the ad and I will make the ad for you.

You get 50 ad views for a penny. I accept STEEM and Paypal. Since I would love to trade ad space for STEEM, I might drop the rate.

The ad space is 720x90 at the top of the page. The ad can be a text ad. I have millions of ad views on my sites and will create a placement to assure a good return on the investment. If you are interested in buying ad space on my sites; just leave a comment.

I have some Steem specific pages. These are pages visited regularly by steemians. This would actually be a good place to advertise steemit accounts.

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