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Why Longboard?

I started longboarding just a few months ago. For those who have known me for quite awhile, they were sure surprised at my choice. For all they know, I'm not an athletic person and I've never been actively involved in anything at all.

I first knew about longboard and longboard dancing when I saw a viral video of a Korean girl longboarder, Ko Hyojoo I'm sure you all have seen her longboard videos somewhere at one point. She was famous for being able to skate so gracefully and making it look so effortless. So I followed her on social media.

Upon following her on social media, I started to see more and more longboard dancing videos. So I started to follow more and more longboarders and realised that there are a big community of longboarders out there, supporting each other, organizing events, lessons and workshops to help beginner longboarders. And as I keep watching them longboard dancing,

I fell in love!

Now as I fell in love, I was worried that this might be a temporary interest and that if I buy a longboard, I might only play it for a few months and leave it in the corner collecting dust. So I thought, I'll just postpone that urge to buy a longboard. But I never stop following these longboarders and they keep inspiring me to start longboarding. So before I actually bought my first longboard, I learned how to longboard, type of longboard I should buy and keep watching longboard videos until I am sure that I really want it.

But why longboarding?

But why longboarding and not other sports? Well first, I am never an athletic person in the first place. I was scared of balls, any type of balls, and maybe even still am scared of balls. So netball, softball, volleyball are definitely out of the question. And I can't do anything that requires my arm, like swimming, badminton and Muay Thai, because I injured my right shoulder and am currently receiving treatment for it.

And since the longboarders that I have followed managed to make it look so effortless, I thought that it will doable for me and I think it is time for me to challenge myself. While longboarding does still requires the arm to balance and swing, it still doesn't burden my shoulders as much. So it was doable for me.

Was it easy?

I don't think anything is easy when you just started. It is normal to face some obstacles or difficulties but I always believe that it is part of the journey. And practice makes perfect!

While I still have a long way to go, I am clear that my goal is master longboard dancing and create videos that will one day inspire people to start challenging themselves and try something new!

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