Gaming With Me (ft. @joannewong): Overcooked Level 1-3

On to level 1-3 in Overcooked with @joannewong. This time was worse because we burnt the kitchen and only got 1 star :(
This level is much harder because the kitchen is on a ship and every time the ship tilts, the countertops will move together with the ship. So the role has to change every time the ship tilts. A good strategy is each player only has to chop and cook one soup only and then when the kitchen moves, the other player will chop and cook the next menu. However, we messed up since the beginning and totally missed the timing.

Overall, I think Overcooked is a fun game and it isn’t that hard once you get the hang of the controls. It’s about chopping the ingredients, cook them without burning them and serve them on time. The game is also quite addictive and every level has a new challenge so you won’t get tired of it.

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Hmmm it looks you had lot fun to play this game ... but I not play lot games ... I like photography, I hope you also try this soon. I'm sure you have big city there and you can try street photography :)

25.08.2019 09:50

I don't play a lot of games too 😂 this is like the first game i actually really tried playing and it is fun!
And i like photography too! Although I can't say that I am good at it. Im still trying and learning. And wow street photography is hard 😂

25.08.2019 13:30

No:)) ... street photography is not hard :) you just have to have a lot of courage and not be afraid... this how all start :) ... you can see my street photos also in Instagram, name is same @ foxkoit

25.08.2019 13:41

Wow your photos are so cool! Followed! 😃

25.08.2019 14:09

Thanx :)) ... I try soon follow back ... I not have phone so I must login in PC :))

25.08.2019 14:18

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