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The Road to Steemfest || My Actual Road

Hallo everyone!

Today is exactly one month before Steemfest 4 and I'm already excited for it! It's my second time going and yet I still get the butterflies to meet new people and Steemians!

Today I will share my actual road to Steemfest 4.



I have booked my flight to Bangkok and I will be flying on the 6th of November itself. I chose an early flight and will arrive in Bangkok at around 9 am. I will be going together with @awesomianist and @superoo7.

To get to KLIA2, we will probably get a Grab since it will be so early for any public transport. Whereas from the Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok, I will want to take it slow and use the Airport Rail Link Skytrain.


I will be staying at the Prince Palace Hotel since I think there will be a lot of other Steemians staying there as well. Going to the events venue will be merrier if we are able to travel together.

After Steemfest

Unfortunately, this time I don't think I will be able to visit Koh Chang or any other islands in Thailand. Since I will be flying back on 13th of November, I don't think I will have enough time for that. 😭 😭

However, I do plan to go for a one day trip to Ayutthaya. I heard that it's only one hour drive from Bangkok, so I think that will be doable. As for the remaining days, I will want to do more sightseeing in Bangkok.


As for travel itinerary, I haven't come out with one yet. Although I love making plans before traveling, I feel like this time I just want to follow the flow and see where it brings me.

There are some places and things that are on my list that I don't want to miss out on this trip such as, Chatuchak Market, Mango Sticky Rice, snacks shopping to bring back home. Oh and I do want to try @waybeyondpadthai's boba tea, Thirstea!

Steemfest 4 is getting closer and I'm already counting days. For now, I need to get my assignments done so I can enjoy my time in Bangkok! For those who are still thinking of joining, I tell you, you will only regret the things you didn't do, never the things you have done! So grab a ticket and see you there! 😉

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