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Steemfest Day 2 at Wat Pathum Wanaram

On Steemfest Day 2, we had a choice of visiting Wat Pathum Wanaram before heading for bowling.

Wat Pathum Wanaram is one of the 300+ temples in Bangkok. It is located between Siam Paragon and Central World. It was my first time visiting a temple and it was really interesting to have a quiet and peaceful moment in the temple in the middle of a city.


To visit a temple, we were supposed to dress appropriately. Luckily, I came fully prepared with a long skirt so it wasn't a problem for me.


I think the design of the temples are really interesting. Especially the small carvings on the wall.




Not to forget the design of the interior, where it's all gold, glittery and shiny.




We were also given the chance to experience meditation and I was surprised to see that the meditation place is quite big. Just being there made me feel calmer. I didn't try to meditate though, because I was afraid I might fall asleep 😂


The visit was really interesting for me as it was a new experience. Since it's my first time here, I think I will probably visit another temple in Bangkok, maybe the more famous one.

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