Road to Steemfest || 3 Truths, 1 Lie

Hello everyone!

Time for another #roadtosteemfest post! When I saw @anomadsoul posting about this, I'm super excited about it. I've been reading everyone else's post about it too and it's fun to figure out which one is the lie.

Now, the not-so-fun about this is having to write mine. I mean, not only I'm not good at lying, I just have so much to share that I can't just pick 3 truth statements about myself.

But after thinking for 2 days about it, I finally chose these 3 statements to share with you and made up a lie that I hope you can't detect 😉

#1 I am terrified of birds!

I am scared of all kind of animals. I'm still trying to overcome this because I wish to own a dog one day! But there's one animal that I never wish to get close to and that's a bird. Bring me a feather and we will officially be "enemy forever" 😫

#2 I love classical music!

And I only listen to it when I'm alone because I was made fun of for listening to "boring songs"! And nope, I can't play any instruments 🙁

#3 I love going on rides at the theme parks!

I can go on the rides as much as the day allows me to. And my favourite is always the roller coaster! Especially the one that goes round and round. Having to scream my lungs out just feel so satisfying! 😆

#4 I never extracted my teeth!

They just fall off on their own! For me, that's really convenient because I am afraid of the dentist. I am already scared to go for a dental check up, I can't imagine going in for tooth extraction! 😖

There you have it! Which one do you think is a lie?

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LIE > I am terrified of birds

You love birds like, LOTSSS

15.10.2019 11:25

I agree haha, many people love birds including me.

15.10.2019 11:37

Oh no am I the weird one for being scared of birds? 😔

17.10.2019 08:00

Teeett! You are wrong. You have lost your only chance to guess 😝

17.10.2019 07:59

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15.10.2019 11:41

Lol... Birds are adorable. Most people love birds and I believe you do too. 😝. That's the lie

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15.10.2019 16:11

Oh no now I feel bad for being scared of birds! 🙁
And tetttt! you are wrong and you have lost your only chance to guess! 😝

17.10.2019 08:02


17.10.2019 13:37