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Why do I Want to go to Steemfest?

Hey guys! I made a short video with reasons to why I want to go to Steemfest! As Steemfest is getting closer, I am getting more excited and more hopeful to go to Steemfest 4 in Thailand.

My number one reason to go to Steemfest is that I have been to Steemfest 2 in Lisbon and it was so much fun. I don't think there's any better reason to go than this :D

I also have a very strong determination to attend this year's Steemfest is because it is Thailand, so close to Malaysia. Any further than this and I don't think I can even dream of going. Plus, I have always wanted to visit Thailand one day and now is the chance!

Like many others, meeting other Steemians is a big reason to join Steemfest. Meeting the Steemians I have met in Steemfest 2 again and meeting other Steemians that I have never met before would be such a precious memory.

The Steem blockchain has been a really great platform that allows me to explore my talents, tries new things and experiences a new experience. So going to Steemfest will be another opportunity for me to try new things and experience Thailand as well!

Last but not least, @kristiankho is speaking at the event! Of course, I should be there to support him :D

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