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My Road to Steemfest 4 || Budgeting

When it comes to travelling or going on a trip, I looooove to plan well. I enjoy itinerary planning because I like having plans. It makes me comfortable and less anxious. However, I have never really come out with a budget plan. So I’m not really familiar with how this works.

But since @anomadsoul came out with the topic and my budget is limited for the trip anyway, I think it is a good idea to come out with one!

So this is how my budget plan looks like:


Since I am not sure how long I will be there for, I put RM 3000 as a save number and estimated that I will be there for a week.

Now the biggest expense would be for Steemfest itself. The Steemfest ticket would be around RM 1050. But if possible, I would want to buy the ticket with Steem. Or it would be great to win a ticket!
And you just can’t meet people with empty hands. At least that’s not how Malaysian does it. So I’m thinking of getting some small souvenirs to represent Malaysia to give away to Steemians that I will meet. I still can’t decide what to bring yet though.

So since most of my expenses will go to Steemfest, I really want to lower my expenses on other things. I have never been to Thailand yet so my planning is just based on what I have heard and what I have researched.

So here are my plans to visit Bangkok and attend Steemfest on a Budget!

Visit the free attractions

Bangkok Thailand has so many interesting places to visit. While the famous temples such as Wat Pho and Wat Arun do have entrance fees, going to the places that are free of charge will let me get the most out of Bangkok even with a limited budget. Some of the places that I found are the Chatuchak Weekend Market and the Train Market. Going to these markets is an experience itself and I’ve watched so many travel videos featuring these markets that I really want to experience it myself.

Get an all-day ticket

Bangkok has a variety of local transportation. To travel around the city, I think the BTS Skytrain is the best option since the all-day ticket costs 150 Baht.

Try the Street Food

I wouldn’t worry too much about meals since it would be taken care of during Steemfest. As for outside of Steemfest, I would have a variety of street food to choose from and these are usually inexpensive.

Share the Room

As for the accommodation, I am hoping to share a room at the Prince Palace Hotel with some Steemians that don’t mind sharing. The 2 Bedroom Family Suite has 2 single beds and 1 double bed which can be shared amongst 6 people. This will cost about RM 455 per person for 7 nights or RM 300 per person for 5 nights. Sharing will definitely lower the expense and I wouldn’t need to worry about transportation to the conference venue, assuming that there would be shuttle buses to get us there from the hotel.

While I haven’t booked anything yet, I am determined to visit Bangkok since it has been on my list for a very long time. What would be your tips for travelling to Thailand on a Budget? Or if you are willing to share a room with me and @awesomianist, do let us know! 😉 😉
Also if you are reading up to this point, please do check out @coingecko and give them a follow. They are supporting Steem by running a witness node and posting stuff on here. Feel free to give them a witness vote too if you think they deserve it. 😄

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