My Kind of Drawing 🖼️🖼️🖼️

Just finished with my drawing. This is one of the tasks that are assigned to us in my Engineering Drawing 1 class.

After what feels like more than 2 hours, maybe even more than 3 hours of drawing lines and circles, erasing them, redrawing them again until I get the measurements and the shapes right, I finally get it done!

I'm not sure what is the object in this drawing but the purpose of it is to teach us to draw ellipses on a 3D diagram. Drawing an ellipse on a 3D diagram is a lot of work. After drawing a box for it and drawing an ellipse in it, you will have have to erase the construction line and then redraw them again for the next ellipse. That really takes a lot of time and it needs a lot of patience.

To draw this drawing, I need a drawing board that cost me RM 65. It comes with the long ruler and 2 geometric triangle rulers.

When I first started using the drawing board, I suck at using them. Especially the 2 geometric rulers. And as you can see in the picture, this time I only used a normal ruler. It's much easier and faster since I'm so used to using this ruler. As for the 30° line, I use the normal 30°/60° triangle ruler. Maybe next time I will show how the 2 triangle rulers that came with the board look like so you will understand why I don't like using them 😉

And.. with that done, I can finally relax for the day!! 😃

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