Malaysian breakfast, lunch, dinner

When it comes to food in Malaysia, we don't have specific time for specific food. You can always have anything at any time . This here is Kuey Teow Goreng Mamak or Fried Kuey Teow Mamak Style and you can have it for either breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

As far as I know, Fried Kuey Teow can come in different styles. We have Malay Fried Kuey Teow, Chinese Fried Kuey Teow and Mamak Fried Kuey Teow. I'm not sure of the difference since it's not my area of expertise. 😂

As a student, Mamak stall is a must place for having my meals. Do you know that Mamak is a term from Tamil for maternal uncle? Not only that the food in Mamak stall is cheap, you have variety of food to choose from too. You just name it and they will make it happen for you.

While the look of it isn't pretty or appetising at all, trust me it tastes good!

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31.07.2019 15:03

🤤Oh my, this makes me hungry😂

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01.08.2019 02:34

I know right!

01.08.2019 12:36

Hello, @vaelriey

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01.08.2019 08:39

Thank you! I will check it out!

01.08.2019 12:36