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I made a GIF for Steem Hardfork 21 countdown || Coingecko Contest

@coingecko has announced a creative contest to welcome the Steem Hard Fork 21.

So here's my entry for the contest:

I made this with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. I chose a video out of my collection of my longboard videos, remove the background using Adobe After Effects using rotoscope tool. While manual masking can give a cleaner look, rotoscoping is faster but kinda messy. I tried to cut the edges carefully but after the programme has crashed for a few times, I gave up and just wanted to get it done. After removing the background, I import it into Adobe Premiere Pro and layer it on top of the screen record of the countdown page on Coingecko's website. Then I add some text, exported it and converted the 4 seconds video into a GIF.

What do you think of the GIF? Can you see that it's my first time removing a background from a video? 😂

P/S: I know it's kinda too late because I totally forgot about it but I'm tagging @awesomianist, @joannewong and @aaronleang to make one too. Maybe just for fun! 😃

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