#beersaturday in Bangkok

beersaturday is happening live in Bangkok right now.

I ordered a glass of Erebus for starters and a plate of fried calamari. I haven't tried Erebus before so I was quite surprised that it is sweet and has a nice smell to it.


The bar is really nice. I like the industrial design of the interior because I think it's really unique.



A group of Steemians has arrived but I think more will come. I look forward to more Steemians joining tonight because the more the merrier!


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Hey @vaelriey, that was a nice !BEER at the river in Bangkok. Thanks for joining the #BeerSaturday

To be with the BeerSaturday challenge, please make sure you add a link to your great post, as a comment to my weekly call for this challenge, at the weekly post of @detlev

10.11.2019 02:51

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Hey @vaelriey, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

10.11.2019 02:52