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5 Longboarders that Inspire Me

In my last post, I've talked about Why I chose Longboarding. I've also talked about Instagrammers that Inspire Me. This time I want to talk about 5 Longboarders that have inspired me to start longboarding.

These longboarders have played a big role in convincing myself to try a new thing in my life. It is because I have been following them on social media and YouTube for quite some time that I fell in love with longboard and longboard dancing.

Ko Hyo Joo

Ko Hyo Joo is a South Korean longboarder and in South Korea, longboard dancing is a big thing. They have a big community there. Ko Hyo Joo's video was the first longboard dancing video that I came across and I remember thinking, "Wow, that looks so graceful! I wish I can do that". I have been her fan for so long and have always wanted to longboard dance like her. Grafecully.

Hans Wouters

Upon trying to learn how to longboard, I came across Hans Wouters' YouTube channel and started watching his videos, especially his tutorials for beginners. I learned a lot about longboard dancing from his videos before even actually buying a longboard. And I still go back to his tutorials every time I want to learn new steps. He also came out with 15 Easy Pintail Tricks for Beginner and this convinced me to buy a pintail longboard. His videos are super helpful for a beginner like me.

Giulia Alfeo

I think of Giulia Alfeo as a Queen of Longboard Dancing. Her longboard dancing is on another level. Her longboard dancing is a work of art. I also reached out to her for advice and she actually watched my video and advised me on how to improve and I'm very grateful for that. She also came out with tutorial videos for beginners and it has been helpful as well.

Valeriya Gogunskaya

Valeriya Gogunskaya is also another Queen of Longboard Dancing. She also organizes camps and lessons in Portugal that I wish to follow suit in Malaysia once I mastered this longboard dancing. The longboard community in Portugal is impressive and I wish to build a longboard community like that here in Malaysia.


Longboard_yuni is a cute girl longboarder and she is really impressive. Even at her age, she has mastered so many tricks and steps and she managed to make it look effortless as well. Watching her longboard dancing videos makes me think that "If she can do it, I can do it too!"

So there you have it, 5 longboard dancers that had inspired me to start on my longboard journey and I still look up to them for any tips or tutorials for beginners. While I still have a long way to go, having inspired by them give me the motivation to keep practicing and one day, I will get where they are right now.

If you ever feel like taking longboard dancing one day, you might want to check them out :)

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