Four years of Trump has made the world less safe, and the damage might be irreversible

President Donald Trump's administration has already rocked confidence in the US-led international order to such an extent that experts fear the damage done to global democratic norms could take decades to restore.

From befriending autocratic strongmen to undermining multi-national institutions -- and even questioning the legitimacy of American democracy -- Trump presided over a deliberate shift in the reliability of Reagan's "shining city on a hill."
"He's normalized things that were taboo. If any other Western leader acted like Trump, they'd be marginalized," said Nanjala Nyabola, a political analyst based in Nairobi. "As leader of one of the most powerful nation on earth, he's been able to behave with complete disregard for the institutions and norms that rely on good faith and trust in the international community. Undercutting that will be Trump's lasting legacy."

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