What is the happiness of women?

Women need happiness, and their happiness is simply respecting, sympathizing and truly loving.

Yesterday a boyfriend asked me: What do women want? I thought for a while and said: Respect, sympathy and love. He asked again: So women do not need happiness?

For women, happiness is really respected and truly loved. That is when they were not to be criticized because Trot was a woman.
That is when they are not forced to sacrifice, to share.

That's when they are sympathized by their men and the difficulties they are facing,sometimes just the acknowledgment makes the woman feel satisfied and continues to struggle with her prejudices.
That's when the people around them truly love them because they are themselves, not someone's role model, not because of their beautiful physique or their ability to make money.

That's when someone cries when they see them sad, laughs when they feel happy, and is warm to see them happy.

Why do women like flowers and gifts? Simply, because flowers and gifts are the expression of those around you who recognize and express their love for them even for 1 in 365 days.

The happiness of a woman is simple but also extremely noble. They just need a warm gaze, a loving word (instead of a command, demand or blame), they just need a flower, or simply a kiss, a scribble, a plate Extremely awkward concubine of a small child.

Bringing joy to your woman is not only to keep the home warm but also to bring happiness to yourself. Because of giving love in order to receive love, a woman who receives love will immediately send back more than ten thousand times. Because life is not only resentment and reproach, life needs joy no matter how small. Because life is not simply money rice, small joys will be memories that women carry until the end of life.

Therefore, it is not necessary to give the women around you love, sympathy and respect anytime, anywhere when you have the opportunity. That is their happiness and yours too.

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