Beautiful #17: Schoolgirl with a long dress, is really beautiful

Her sweet appearance, lovely, her pretty face, jealous body ... are all I can say about this girl, she is Hoang Anh. She has caused a stir in the online community with a photo candid shots by her friend.
Currently she is a high school student and is in the last grade of high school.

_Close-up of her beautiful, cute and lovely face_


_This is a picture of her being punished_


_Beautiful with long dress and good study - This female is also a famous character with more than 10,000 likes for some photos after only a few hours of posting._

Her name is To Anh, she is a student at a specialized school and this photo is the one she took at the end of high school. She really has the face and charisma of a beauty but has never participated in beauty pageants.

The other outstanding schoolgirl I would like to introduce to you in this article is Bao Tran. Appearing with a white long dress (Ao dai) and a pretty face, this girl stands out from every angle and certainly quickly attracts your attention. Perhaps it will also make many people remember, especially those who like beauty.

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