Beautiful #18:Ba Ba shirt is gorgeous

Ba ba (bà ba) (the North Vietnamese people called Blouses) is a popular costume in Vietnamese countryside, especially in the South. This shirt is short, long-sleeved, middle-necked shirt, fastened with a row of buttons from the neck straight to the abdomen. Whoever you are, if you wear a ba daddy's clothes will become rustic and gentle of a country girl

The girl in this article wore this shirt to go to the temple.Do you find her really pretty with this shirt?
huong1511 1.jpg
huong1511 4.jpg
huong1511 3.jpg
huong1511 2.jpg
A wise girl kisses, but does not love; Listens, but does not believe; And leaves, before she is left.
Author: Marilyn Monroe
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Author: Margaret Thatcher

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