TRIBE \\ Photo+Video+Music \\ FASHION // looks for an upcoming collapsed society

The project is called TRIBE and as you can see, the inspiration was a Clockwork Orange style gang that lives in a collapsed society but somehow, they still care about their Hair and Make-up...

The goal was to present the work of my friend Kathy Simon, who, besides creating amazing haircuts, is an educator that developed her own system that teaches geometry and structural design principles that are applied to the art of hair. She has been proven and acclaimed at countless shows worldwide. Aside from that we see eye to eye artistically and it's always a blast to work with her.

I wanted the music to sound a little retro for this project so I decided to use mostly samples from the classic Roland TR-606 drum machine. This is the kind of beat (and shoot) I really dig and I hope you do to. for more hair & @vachemorte for way more fashion videos/photos in this spirit.


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