Rap / Hip-Hop Electro / NO RULER OVER YOU Feat. @juliakponsford


I recorded this jam this weekend and it's featuring the amazing @juliakponsford, which is always a treat. The art cover is a collab between us as well so we covered all angles.

The lyrics come from my tweeter feed recommending me news about the Royals non-stop. Like I give a f* about those blood thirsty leeches.
There is no Royalty.
It's an illusion of power maintained artificially by media.
No Ruler Over Me


This is what you wanted to do
You are drunk with the truth
Definitive and rare coronation
The king is dead and reborn from ashes to the highest elevation

No ruler over me, no ruler over you
The celebration is on
For a long time you knew
You're the one, the prodigal son

Freedom is at hand
This is where you realize you won
Killing without a gun
Owning immaculate land

Claiming to be a gift to mankind
They can't even see that they are blind
When pursued, unable to protect
You are not even there I checked

We have plenty of food

You're rocky and unwise
for a whole lot of reasons.
making abstraction of your allies
from all kind of seasons

This is what you wanted to do
You asked for the truth
The king is dead and now he's alive in the prime of his youth

This is what you wanted to do
No ruler over me, no ruler over you
The king is alive and in the prime of his youth
No ruer you

It's all goodWe have plenty of food
____ruler over you

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@vachemorte, Many people think that Life is running on Rules of others but Life is running on our own Rules. Keep up with your Artistic work. Stay blessed.

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14.01.2020 23:25

You got it man No ruler over you.

15.01.2020 15:09

Yes. 👍👍

18.01.2020 21:34

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15.01.2020 18:05

schön schräg

15.01.2020 19:26

Danke, mein Bruder, ich weiß es zu schätzen

15.01.2020 20:50

yay loving this collab :) This deconstructed my brain and re-assembled it into a mechanical centipede which promptly crawled under the table at the UN summit and poisoned the world leaders.

15.01.2020 19:56

Thanks Carl!! My master plan worked perfectly...
Funny fact Julia and I had our friends @philodendron over my place last Friday. Julia asked them if they ever heard Alien Warlord? And they didn't, so we played it to them. Then I told Julia we need to hear Analyze my function too, which we did, still great this track is killing it. Thanks for the love and much blessings for you and your crew.

15.01.2020 20:47

So weird I love it 😆

15.01.2020 23:29

Merci c'est bien gentil! Je te suit maintenant et je vais écouter ta musique. Much love.

16.01.2020 18:49

Oww merci c'est bien gentil aussi ^_^

16.01.2020 19:42