Original Metal track / THE ODYSSEY


This track was composed and recorded last December at the end of past year.
This is a Metal track but I sprinkled some jazz on it because I care about you.

This track is part of my Metal album titled BETRAYER OF THE CROWN:

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Comments 4

Hi buddy,

This sure is interesting. Glad about those sprinkles of jazz, as metal is not my genre.
Not that jazz is, but I can surely enjoy it every now and then ( especially as a movie sound track like here:

) Love this 1950s film!

Hope all's well out there in Canada! :>)

01.12.2019 18:44

Yes there is some MIles influence in that even if not the same genre. Glad you survive it. Canada is fucking cold today my bro.

02.12.2019 02:24

Portugal was extremely wet in November ( perfect for writing ) but the sun has finally returnned and as soon as it's there, you can't call it cold any longer, so no complaints from my side :>)

02.12.2019 12:08