Original folk composition for guitars and mandolins /// RAIN BORN


This is my most recent composition. I recorded all the instruments but to have this piece performed live you would need 2 guitars and 2 mandolins with their respective musicians.

When I completed this piece I realized the complexity of my melody lines. This is not easy listening or maybe it is, you tell me.
Thank you and much props for the original album cover artwork by @juliakponsford she nicely agreed to let me use it :)

I titled this piece RAIN BORN as an hommage to the guitarist John Renbourn (RIP 2015) because he was really influential to my guitar style.

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Many say that the fingerboard, made of maple wood, also has a slim profile, making it relatively easy and comfortable for students to play. Not only does this mandolin make beautiful sounds, but it is also a beautiful piece, timeless and elegant, and stands out for its simplicity and classic appearance. However, one major drawback is that it doesn't have a hard case and you'll have to buy one separately. If you appreciate elegance and are just beginning your mandolin playing journey, you might want to pick up this instrument. It has many features that would ideally be impossible to find in its price range.

21.09.2021 11:49