Original Electro /// TARGET2


I like distortion.
One thing I like about it, is the distortion's feedback.
Next level audio destruction.
Destruction of distortion.
That's what I do.

Target1 was already completely annihilated so today we are focussed on Target2.

This track is part of my Electro EP titled SUPRA PROGRAMMING, listen to it here.

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Hello Monsieur Vachemorte,

not sure, if you remember me... haven't been around for a long time. PC and steemit overdose. Still a big fan of your music!

I'm making a little animation to be tokenized on makersplace and was wondering, what your current conditions would be to add your music to that.

All the best,
Reinhard :-)

11.01.2020 23:31

Of course I remember my dear friend @reinhard-schmid also we have a print of you in our living room as a daily reminder :)
No need to ask anymore, just use whatever, I like your art, but you know that already. If you need audio files it's easier if you contact me directly on discord. Much blessings! V

12.01.2020 03:44

Sorry for my late answer, I was frantically working on this: https://makersplace.com/store/reinhardschmid/venusmachine-2020-i-1-of-1-16556/ to meet the deadline. Originally I wanted to make it a small video with adio, meaning with your music, but the time was too short to do it.

I still want to make an extended version with audio and would most gladly take your kind offer. Been listening to a lot of your music on spotify. Appears to be the best place so far for uninterrupted listening pleasure :-)

I already have a growing list of pieces I would like to use. With a funky animation like the one I just did, of course I'd love to use "Juju Gum to the Moon", but I don't know how you feel about someone use it, since it was part of that epic production...

Glad you still own that little picture which appears to be part of our connection.

All the best for you both! Reinhard :-)

14.01.2020 22:36

You got it bro.
Promo for the film in some sort :)
It will be on coil and cinnamon this year, when I have time to look into it.
If you want me to send you an audio file contact me on discord!
Much blessings!

15.01.2020 15:09

OMG, I can't believe you are letting me use it! Totally thrilled, since this is my alltime favorite :-o
Will share this on my channel https://discord.gg/eTtne5

18.01.2020 20:59