New track / CATACOMBS / Experimental Metal


Yo! Just finished this track, like just now. It was hard to mix and now my ears are bleeding and I am posting it right away so I can share my pain with you... I played all the instruments and I chose to go Metal with a nugget or 2 of jazz for this piece. Going hard in many different directions without any clear destination, on purpose?

The beautiful cover art is accredited in full to the amazing @carlgnash and you can see the process in this post.

CATACOMBS by Vache Morte

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oh wow. The music is like a transcription of the art :) And that is crazy ass shit! Love this! Super honored to have my art used as the cover. I really like the liquidy quieter interludes and then the descent into chaos again.

Love you vache :)

17.11.2019 18:32

Love you too brother. The cover art is great, glad to add a new dimension to it!
Wishing mad blessings for you and the whole family <3

17.11.2019 21:47

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17.11.2019 19:58

We need more underground music on Steemit.

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18.11.2019 16:32

I got your back :P

19.11.2019 00:29

I liked the design very much

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18.11.2019 17:14

Me too. All props to @carlgnash

19.11.2019 00:30