Metal/Jazz//Electro / HEAVY LOAD


Alright my life is insane. I have to be like a goalie with my eyes on the puck at all times, not allowed to blink, with dire consequences if I do. This is, I guess, how the title of this new piece came about. It's a heavy track but at the same time it's ambient. Where can you hear shit like that but on my page? Let me know where, and I'll go :P HEAVY LOAD

This track is included in my metal EP titled BETRAYER OF THE CROWN and you can hear it ► here

My complete music catalogue is on ► Spotify

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@vachemorte, Some music describes our Mood or Situations. Stay blessed.

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13.10.2019 03:40

Same back at you :)

13.10.2019 14:57

Thank you.

14.10.2019 03:06

Nice drone style guitar and love that subtle bass line that keeps popping its head out to remind you it’s there. Keep on a rocking bro!

13.10.2019 06:41

Hey thank you brother glad you listened, much love.

13.10.2019 14:56