LO-FI Circuit Bent //// ANGRY GHOST


Dirty little toy synth, circuit bent by maestro Dan Rouleau from
http://www.screwedcircuitz.com ! Probably the piece of gear that attracts the most interest of every visitor at my studio :)

If you didn't know this about me, I like mini toy synthesizers. I found this one at a Salvation Army type store. I gave this synth to my trusted circuit bender Dan, then a week later he brought me back this little monster. The guy is a genius and I am totally blessed to have 2 of his instruments.

To say I have a lot of stress in my line of work would be an understatement. Often when I can't stand it anymore I make these noises and most of the evil gets cast away pretty fast. The cover pic has a few of my toys (literally). Much blessings.

► 3 track EP with Circuit bent toys synth on Spotify

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