First track of the decade /// Electro-Funk // Decadent Decade


Here you go! We made it! 20/20 vision, so now you see what's up.
This is my first track of the decade. In this production I used the classic microKorg, Casio VL-Tone, a set of Korg Volka's, an Arturia microfreak and my trusty fretless bass.

Hope you groove and much blessings for the year ahead!

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Get up and Dance!
Love that you too are saying 20/20 vision because I've been too and my daughter said the same and that the peeps at her work were annoyed by it--good! NEW year, NEW decade hugs :)

03.01.2020 00:44

Thank you much love for you and a deluxe 2020!!!

03.01.2020 04:35


03.01.2020 18:57

Hi vachemorte,

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03.01.2020 11:39

Very good song, I love the sounds and the changes you make with the different instruments. I congratulate you on your good art. Happy New Year.

03.01.2020 13:50

Thank you really kind of you. Much love!

03.01.2020 18:33

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03.01.2020 19:17

Wow wow .. I liked it. Good style and good mixes! A great first track @vachemorte

04.01.2020 16:13

Thank you glad you like it. Much Love

04.01.2020 20:45


Much vision, eager to improve and have great aspirations, I hope that everyone in this year 2020 can improve their status, fulfill their dreams and be happier

06.01.2020 14:33