Dirty Electro // NOT WHAT YOU THINK


Powering up HIVE / Powering down Steem and posting my classic Electro work while in Quarantine in my studio. I recorded a new song yesterday and I will post it here tomorrow. This track was recorded 2 years ago.

The exercise I gave myself for this one is I try to take on a different personality for each layer and impersonate a different musician, which is a different process than a composer making one track. I tried to play the bass with a certain attitude, the piano with another mindset and try to see if I can have multiple personality disorder in my music. It sounds more coherent that I thought it would... I use the term Electro-Orchestral often to describe what I do or am trying to do.
Basically I composed parts that would fit in an orchestra and I try to mix them with sounds that a DJ or an electro musician would use. I'd like to think I am all of those to a certain degree.

I call this one: IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK

The scene I envision is someone getting caught in a lie, and it snowballs as they continue making excuses. Digging themselves in deeper and deeper as they exclaim "It's not what you think!".
Without further ado

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