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This track I am posting today is called Elevated and was originally created for a fashion shoot I directed. The idea with this one was to go super dark and gloomy. My process differs when I create music for fashion, contrary to my usual method of madness and the difference might be that I try to create an atmosphere/vibe instead of trying to create melodies. All credit for the hairs and concept go to my bff Kathy Simon from Mekka System and also much credit to @juliakponsford for the help during the shoot.

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Comments 5

Super cool! Matches the video/fashion shoot well.

07.10.2019 22:42

Thank you Kim, I did the music after the shot to match the action :P

07.10.2019 23:48

I like that a lot - you created a very creepy and dark atmo with the sounds what makes the video like watching a short movie ...great work!!

08.10.2019 11:54

Thanks!! I read your comment, then I went to listen one of your track and I like what you do as well :)

Cheers and much blessings!!

08.10.2019 21:08

Thanks a lot for checking back!! :) Glad you liked it! :)))....Cheers!

09.10.2019 12:44