Dirty Electro // Australian Mobsters

First the British monarchy decided to send all the criminals to Australia. This is why Australians are so badass. Then from all those criminals, the most criminal of all started a mob. That makes the Australians mobsters the most bad ass of all. This is why they deserve this track I made especially for them. Maybe that doesn't make any sense and you might find that my logic has some flaws but personally I doubt it,

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Bad ass track 😃 weird acid beats you have here :P wish it would last longer, in some way this reminds me Aphex Twin

16.09.2019 21:33

Yeah I dig Aphex Twin from way back. Some of is ambient stuff is underrated. Word!!

16.09.2019 21:42


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16.09.2019 21:43

Yeah, those Australian's! Seems they do stick out loudly in a crowd ;)

17.09.2019 04:38

Thought you might like to know that I included this song along with ju ju gum to the moon in an ecstatic dance playlist tonight :) I kind of go all over the place with music selections and ju ju gum followed Stranglehold! All worked very well with the theme, so here is a thank you in honor of your sound artistry :)

21.09.2019 06:56

Hi Kim I totally missed those comments :( sorry about that.
Glad you like the track and that the Juju got you dancing. This is a link of my recent work https://choon.co/artists/vachemorte/ the more up on the list the more recent. Much blessings.

28.09.2019 17:34

Oh, cool! Thanks for the link :) And keep on making music and I'll keep on listening :)
Love and hugs~

28.09.2019 19:15