Original composition for small ensemble / PIANO IDEA

This an original composition for a small music ensemble. A while back I got intrigued by the name of an an audio file titled "Piano Idea" that I did years prior. I opened it and it was just that, an idea, a few chords of piano. I totally forgot about it so I went ahead and finished the work. I am pleased with how it came out and hope it resonates with you as well. A new composition from an old idea or a mix of old and new.

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Nice! =D

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11.09.2019 16:37

Man, this is perfect for that nature drone stuff I want to do when I'm out there... It's so chill I got frostbite :)

13.09.2019 16:40

Yo Brother. Glad you like it, no stress I will send it to you on discord :P

15.09.2019 20:12