Original piano composition / HAVE NO FEAR

Have no fear. Are you scared of spiders? Buy the biggest tarantula you can find and make it your pet. Are you scared of heights? Spend a whole day sitting on the edge of the tallest building in your town. Are you scared to walk alone at night? Take some martial arts training and become a night vigilante. What are you scared of? You don't need to be. Have no fear.

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this is hypnotic and lovely; i wanted it to keep going and progress into something... ethereal? no not ethereal. symphonic. pounding. like ocean waves that swell and crash, then recede .. well done.

03.09.2019 22:59

Thank you Torico for your steady support :P
Glad you like this piece, this one is special to me. I do use ocean waves as musical structures (true).

04.09.2019 01:35


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03.09.2019 23:11

Nice! I listened to this while browsing through some other posts, and it had a really nice emotion and feel to it. Great work! Thanks for sharing.

04.09.2019 00:51

Thank you. Sharing music is like sharing emotions, so that make total sense. Much blessings.

04.09.2019 01:32