Time to give tribute to the mini keyboard known as The Casio Vl-Tone that was originally released in 1979. It's 40 years since this thing hit the shelves and so many bands used it in their songs. I won't do an extensive list but will at least mention Devo, B-52 and Trio.
I got mine at a garage sale for 4$...

This little thing is fantastic and I started using it as a regular instrument in my music around 10 years ago and never looked back. What I propose to you is a little composition that I did using ONLY sounds from the Casio.
If you say it sounds like a video game you are right because the early console from the 80's used the same limited technology...

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omg its so 70s... i was def thinking B52s.

19.08.2019 21:03

You get it! :)

20.08.2019 00:07