This little jam on my mandolin was inspired by traditional french Canadian music and mixed with vintage electro sounds all coming from an old Kawai keyboard.

Mets ton beau suit la Soirée Canadienne arrête en ville
apparament Les frères Grenier vont faire une gigue.
Ont va câler un set carré pi batinse, tout le monde va danser.
Avec une petite flasque de Gin dans tes poches ça donne de l'énergie...
Le patrimoine Québécois dans ta tv.

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Comments 5

i hadnt yet tried listening to your song but went straight to the video. I am entranced with watching La Soirée Canadienne est en feu. This is so 70s but the dancing is from another world. brilliant! I'd not seen/heard this clip before.

sensational work :)

13.08.2019 22:53

Hi Torico, I really like the three brothers that dance a choreography in there, I tried to find more footage from them but can't find more. Thank you for the kind words.

13.08.2019 23:17

yes, i liked that too! i was just trying to explain the difference in irish vs scottish vs quebecois step dancing, its very unique. there are so many different kinds of step dancing, and its so interesting to see the cultural differences :)

13.08.2019 23:20

That show was on tv in the 70's and 80's but I always thought it was lame back then.
Traditional french Canadian music is a pure mix of Irish reels + songwriting from France.
The foot tapping is attributed specifically to Quebec.

14.08.2019 13:00

yes its funny what bores us in our youth fascinates us in our prime and reverse. quite interesting about the history, a unique mix.

14.08.2019 15:58