This is a piece I recorded as a tribute to The Cocteau Twins' work. I mostly recreated the guitar in my own style which is usually comprised of a good dose of reverb and distortion and I always liked that sound. This is an original composition and not a cover song. If you are familiar with this band maybe you will recognize some of the guitar effects I am talking about. This track is called Golden Blooms.

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so chill.

11.08.2019 21:57

:) Thanks!! <3

12.08.2019 03:01

I'm working on a "Lemon Party" type production for Dporn and would like to use this track in my closing credits. If you would be interested in this collaboration please respond by email to nickelbacklover4life @ gmail. Put in the subject line "Pucker" so I know it's not spam. I love your music and I'm looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.

14.08.2019 13:24

"What the fuck is a lemon party?"
(actual following line in the Juju)
If you need my music for a project dm me on discord, I say that because I never now if you are serious or not. For example nickelbacklover4life have to be sarcasm right? Or is it? Either way we wish you massive blessings expanding to your whole family.

16.08.2019 00:01

lol yeah I was just fuckin with you, I thought you would like the lemon party reference.

I'm still chewing every day and I think I'm getting more in touch with my innermost feelings. My mind is very focused on my future goals.

JUJU Gum has changed my life for the better!!!

I was serious about loving your music though, I plan on doing a lot of drone footage of nature when I'm full time RVing, it would be great to be able to use some of your stuff for that, I'll definitely keep in touch. Wishing you and your fam much success and happiness!!!

16.08.2019 13:25