Electro track / Music video /// TAKE OVER

This is one of my electronic music tracks and it's called TAKE OVER. Once again I had the help and support of the amazing @juliakponsford during this shoot so mad props to her!

I invited my friend Aa over to my studio to do a contemporary dance choreography. The concept was to illustrate being taken over by my music, I asked her to illustrate as accurately as possible the common reaction people have when they hear my sound...

MIDLY NSFW... it just depends where you work really and this is your signal to press play!

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Love that groove when the drums come in. The film clip was really REALLY captivating and suited the music perfectly. Killer stuff!

09.08.2019 00:45

Thank you brother. Yes that was an interesting projet to do. The visual and the music where created as one. Much love.

09.08.2019 02:48


09.08.2019 02:51

Thats a very nice video, I like the effects you used. It's really trippy it has a really good quality. Congratulations, good work.

09.08.2019 04:04

Thank you, really kind! I will check your music.

09.08.2019 23:38

Awesome instruments, sequencing and style. It feels like hardware.

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09.08.2019 23:55