This is part 2 of 2 about the danger of entering the white Forest.

You should never take a shortcut through the White Forest, even if it will save you time. Instead you should make a long detour and avoid this patch of woods like the plague. For one thing, nobody that enters actually comes back to tell the story of what's really going on in there. Some say that it is haunted. Others say that this is only superstition and others claim it's non-sense and old wives tales. They might laugh and act brave but when challenged to enter they go silent and swiftly change topics.
The White Forest has quite a bad rep around here.


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Comments 5

I love the distortion in this and yet the crystal clear sound of the piano, the fusion of sounds is great and it makes me want to visit the White Forest, I will take my chances on what awaits xx

04.08.2019 12:05

Many that thought like you, entered and never came back, please reconsider :)

04.08.2019 15:32

ah but not many are like me! xx

04.08.2019 15:52

i've always liked this one. moar. i need to follow u again now that i have the powa.

05.08.2019 17:15

I won't disappoint, I promise :P


06.08.2019 00:36