Music for airports at gate 50

This is an original composition inspired by Brian Eno's classic album "Music for airports" .

It was an influential album for me that opened my ears to calm and soft harmonies and made me more aware of ambient music at large.

FUN FACT: The original intention of Brian Eno with this album was to diffuse the tense, anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal by avoiding the derivative and familiar elements of typical airport music. One time I was at the airport myself stranded for hours with that album on my phone. I decided to give it a listen in the context that was originally intended to be heard.
It worked perfectly. I was looking at everybody running, trying to make their flights, arguing with the ticket booth employee because the flight had been delayed, families reuniting in joy, business men walking around like they are the shit, with Brian Eno playing it all seemed inconsequential and I was sitting in the middle of the action pretty much like a zen master.

Back to the track.
My idea was to start with the typical Brian Eno sound and bring it to my sound. From Brian to Vache. I happen to have a midi patch called "Music for airports" so I started with that. You can hear that sound at the very beginning of the track and at the end. The rest of the challenge was to bring it the closest I could to my actual sound before the end of the song...

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Rad!! This is where it’s at dude!
CreativeCoin bout to launch. You are like the prime target....I’m pretty pumped!

14.07.2019 02:04

Thank you my brother. I remember that you mention Brian Eno once in your post so cool that you caught this one. I am slightly overwhelmed by all the new coins and chains but Julia on top of all of it.

14.07.2019 15:58