Unredacted Black Book - Mr. Valdson Cotrin Epstein's Paris Chauffeur


Thanks to Epstein's late house manager Alfredo Rodriguez, detailed records of Epstein and his web of associates were leaked to the general public and are currently the subject of renewed scrutiny. Although Rodriguez did attempt to profit from Epstein's Black Book by offering the contents to attorney's who were launching lawsuits against Epstein for a reported 50K, it remains a critical piece of evidence connecting Epstein to the rich and powerful. Rodriguez himself viewed the Black Book and its contents as his life insurance policy against any retaliation from his former employer.

Redacted Black Book

Alfredo worked as Epstein's houseman/butler between 2004 and 2005 and according to FBI records he was fired from his position by Epstein. It was reported that Alfredo Rodriguez died from mesothelioma in early 2015. Mesothelioma is characteristically associated with exposure to asbestos.

An uncommon malignant tumour of the mesothelium, usually of the lungs after exposure to asbestos.

The FBI's 200 page document on Rodriguez also details how he was instructed "not to discuss what had occurred at the home of (Epstein).

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Unredacted Black Book

Over the past week an unredaced version of Epstein's Black Book has surfaced online and it includes several previously unreleased pages of handwrittenten notes. Despithe fact that the original unredacted version contained a considerable amount of annotations made by Alfredo pointing to potential victims and witnesses to Epstein's crimes, the new unredacted version adds more weight to key figures in the Epsteinn case.

Many of he names are front and centre in the media circus currently surrounding the case - Ghislaine Maxwell, Jean Luc Brunel, Leslie Wexner, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz and many more well known politicians, scientists and members of high society.

While these names dominate the headlines, it's impoportant to rememberhat Rodriguez not only pointed to the names of potential co-conspirators but he also highlighted potential witnesses to the trafficking and sexual abuse of m minors across Etein's multiple properties.

Who would know Epstein's friends, business partners, activities, meetings, rendezvous, schedules, preferences, and even victims better than anyone else?
Epstein's staff, of course.

People like his former butler Alfredo Rodriguez.

People like Mr. Valdson Cotrin.

Author's Note:

It is not my intention to DOX anyone, so Mr. Cotrin's phone number and address will not be displayed in this post. Cotrin's name has already been revealed in the 2015 release of the unredacted version of Epstein's Black Book. Mr. Rodriguez identified Valdson, among many others, as a potential material witness to the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein.

Valdson Viera cotrin copy1.jpg

Valddson Vieira Cotri

Staff Member & Witness

Personal Chauffeur

Location: Paris France

Black Book: *Name Circled

Valdson Cotrin's name appears numerous times in Jeffrey Epstein's Black Book. He appears to be Epstein's personal chauffeur in Paris and a prominent staff member. His name can be found under "Epstein's French Apartment" contacts twice emphasized with an arrow. The name appears twice more under "Epstein French Apartment (G)" as seen below in the Redacted Version.

VALSON 1.png

Valdson's personal contact details were also included in both versions of the black book seen below in its redacted form.VC blckbuk2.png### Epstein's Paris ApartmentFrom the unredacted version of black book we can now have a look at Epstein's posh apartment in the heart of Paris located just a few minutes from the iconic L'Arc de Triomphe at 22 Avenue de Foch.Screen Shot 20190817 at 9.13.42 PM.pngScreen Shot 20190817 at 9.23.57 PM.pngScreen Shot 20190817 at 9.12.47 PM.png
Flightt Logs

An examination into Jeffrey Epstein's flight logs reveals that Valdson Cotrin was aboard several flights included documented trips to Saint Thomas airport Thomas Cyril E. King airport n Islands. Several of Epstein's businesses are registered to an address in Saint Thomas and is a jumping off point to Epstein's private Island - Little Saint James. Flight log entries recorded the name 'Valdson Cotrin' and also used the abbreviated 'VC' on numerous occasions.

  • 2003 - Jan 6th TEB-PBI (Valson)
  • 2003 - Jan 9th PBI-TEB (Valsan)

  • 2003 - June 4th TIST-TIST (Valdson Cotrin)
  • 2003 - June 7th TIST-PBI (VC)

  • 2003 - June 17th PBI-MYNN (VC)
  • 2003 - June 17th MYNN-JFK (VC)

  • 2003 - Oct 1st PBI-TEB (VC)
  • 2004 - Mar 3rd JFK-PBI (Valdson Cotrin)
  • 2004 - Mar 11th TEB-PBI (Valdson Cotrin)

  • 2004 - Mar 13th PBI-TIST (VC)
  • 2004 - Mar 19th TIST-PBI (VC)

  • 2004 - Nov 14th PBI-ABY (VC)
  • 2004 - Nov 14th ABY-TEB (VC)

  • 2005 - April 24th PBI-TIST (VC)
  • 2005 - May 4th TIST-TEB (VC)

  • 2005 - Nov 12th TEB-TIST (VC)

    Valdy in TIST.png

    Screen Shot 20190816 at 2.46.31 AM.png

    Screen Shot 20190816 at 2.59.08 AM.png

    Screen Shot 20190816 at 2.58.29 AM.png

    Airport Codes

    TIST = Saint Thomas - US Virgin Islands

    MYNN = Nassau International Airport - Bahamas

    PBI = Palm Beach International - Florida

    TEB = - Teterboro Airport - New Jersey

    JFK = John F Kennedy International - New York

    ABY = South West Georgia Regional Airport -

    From the flight logs we can establish that Mr. Cotrin has accompanied Epstein to the Virgin Islands and it's highly likely that Mr. Cotrin has visited Little Saint James as well.

    Social Media - The President and The Boss


    Valdy WJC 2016 october23.jpg

    This undated picture of Valdson (posted Oct. 16, 2016) with president Bill Clinton is interesting. Both men appear in Epstein's flight logs but no records presently exist that suggest they flew together. Still, we can establish that if this man is the same Valdson Cotrin employed by Epstein then it seems to be another small piece of evidence connecting Clinton to the billionaire sex offender.

    The following photographs suggest that Mr. Cotrin is likely Epstein's personal chauffeur in Paris. Here Valdson shows off a freshly cleaned and buffed Mercedes in preparation for his employer's arrival.


    In this shot, Valdson waits patiently outside a secure zone at an unknown airport. In the background we can clearly make out a Gulfstream jet that looks almost identical to Epstein's plane, perhaps waiting to drive his boss to his Paris apartment.

    Valdyplane blue1 tags?.jpg

    Upon closer examination and although the planes tail number is partially obscured by the chain link fence, it appears the tail number ends in JE and the first character is an 'N'.
    According to the FAA, tail numbers beginning with 'N' denote that the plane is American.
    At one point, Jeffrey Epstein owned two Gulfstream jets and at least one helicopter.

  • N212JE Gulfstream 550
    • Status: Valid
    • Owned by PLAN D LLC - Address in Saint Thomas US Virgin Islands
  • N120JE Gulfstream IV
    • Status: Valid
    • Owned by JEGE INC.
  • N909JE
    • Status: Canceled / Not Assigned
    • Exported to Venezuela

      Valdyplane blue1 zoom.jpg

Valdyplane blue1 tagsA3.jpg

Pilot Larry Visoski

The Washington Times reported a partial timeline of Larry Vitoski's most recent social media posts before the account was deleted.

Feb. 15, 2018 — Painted the Gulfstream 550 plane blue


Posting to Twitter, @captbigdawg uploaded a photo of the 550 Gulfstream on March 2018. A user commented "when will the Blue paint job be done?"

Up until early 2018 Epstein's N212JE 550 Gulfstream was jet-black.

blue paint job anthonycomo1.png

N212JE neg mag1.png

Valdy Jet october 29 2019.jpg

The Saint Thomas address: 6100 Red Hook Quarter B3, St. Thomas Virgin Islands is the place of residence under which Jeffrey Epstein is registered on the New York State Sex Offenders Registry


FAA Registry   Aircraft   N Number Inquiry.png

FAA Registry   Aircraft   N Number Inquiry2.png

Where is Valdson Cotrin?

Well, apparently he's living a normal life in Paris and although his Twitter account is no longer active he still has other active social media accounts such as Facebook.

It's difficult to know if investigators have questioned Mr. Cotrin yet. There have been calls recently for the French to open up their own investigation into Epstein. It's probably safe to say that Cotrin is a very important potential witness as outlined by Rodriguez and by the corroborating evidence presented here.

While the vast majority continue to obsess about the details surrounding Epstein's death, I think it's important not to let his death/murder overshadow the wealth of information that has been unsealed as well as leaked over the past several weeks.

There are many more potential witnesses and co-conspirators that have been pointed out in the Black Book that equally require some attention right now.



EditsMistakenly stated that Rodriguez attempted to sell the black book to Epstein's lawyers. This is inaccurate, he attempted to sell the book to lawyers pursuing charges against Epstein. I have made changes to reflect that fact.Also added a few screen shots of Epstein's Paris apartment and made some spelling corrections.



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