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Sessia is a social network, where you can buy everything you need and make money doing that.
After each purchase, you get a refund and your friends can see your receipt in the Feed. What's more, you get bribes from all their purchases in the same store.

SESSIA: the first social market with which you only need a smartphone to work. It has a built-in social network to advertise products, services and notify customers, a simple and convenient electronic shop builder, an advanced reporting system, virtual ATS, intelligent scanner and many other useful business functions. Install Sessia and build long-term relationships between businesses and customers with unnecessary middlemen.

Customers can buy products in Sessia using money or kicks!

The tokens issued on the Ethereum platform have high liquidity and are listed on the global stock markets.

Company and service providers can instantly pay customers anywhere in the world or make other internal payments

All transactions using Kicks ! They are processed in blockchain technology, which guarantees maximum security and protection.

Mission Statement

The project's mission is to get rid of any intermediaries such as promotion agencies and social networks between companies and clients, regardless of their location or origin. At Sessia, brands will communicate directly with customers and reward them for creating purchases and promoting their products through crypto-cashbacks around the world. This AN approach allows companies to distribute a promotional budget among those who brought in new buyers without paying third parties for advertising.

Advantages of SESSIA

The advantages of the SESSIA platform over the decentralized alternative is that SESSIA simply builds a communication environment between each of the parties, without the need to take half of the energy and without having to charge gigantic tariffs. Sessia is delighted that, thanks to its Arsenal, it has a wide range of tools, each of which is intended for entrepreneurs and patrons.

Entrepreneur: you have access to each and every one of the functions that contribute to the configuration of your incentive systems, where each sets its own minimum and maximum, is offered to everyone.

User: you also get a complete social environment where you will build your purchases, receive cash, also share your comments about the product purchased, invite your friends and receive more commissions for the purchase of your friends.

The SESSIA project is an impeccable commercial union between entrepreneurs (brands) and their clients (buyers). After all, what entrepreneurs need is for their goods to be demanded and purchased additionally. And all that is required is to encourage customers to use their alternative and a form of profit that arouses the interest of their family and friends, recommending in their social networks one or another of their favorite products.

How It Work

Sessia will automatically publish the completed transaction information on the wall of its approved followers.

On the left side of the wall, followers will see an ad for the product or service they purchased.

On the right side you will see a detailed verification of your transaction.

Each post can be favorite, discussed, shared, or you can even recommend online and offline stores.
As soon as your friend has started tracking your publication and has made a purchase, you get a refund and you get a chargeback, percentage of the purchase determined by the business.

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