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OpenSeed rework #1 Godot login and STEEM Link


If you have been following Vague Entertainment for a while you know that I have a network API called OpenSeed that I have been working on for some time. With the discovery of STEEM I have been slowly working toward recreating OpenSeed as a game and application interface that takes out the guess work when it comes to using the block chain for their games. At current the back end server setup isn't ready for decentralized deployment, but as OpenSeed for STEEM reaches 1.0 anyone should be able to spin up an OpenSeed server to help all games that use the service function.

Godot Scene

The Godot game engine breaks everything up into scenes that interact with each other through signals. While more and more features are added the openseed.tscn will become more and more advanced. Godot uses a theme engine so though the below screenshots seem lack luster the developer can create a theme that makes this and all other dialogues look native.


Screenshot from 20190728 211558.png
OpenSeed uses a token based authentication protocol similar to the way a lot of modern applications work. Once you have put in your username and password it saves the token locally and uses that token in transactions with the server. This way we don't have to worry about lost passwords and the like.

Account Creation

Screenshot from 20190728 211601.png
Whats a login without a account creation tool? At the time of writing STEEM's account creation is slow and sometimes complicated for the average user. So OpenSeed has a separate account database that can link to STEEM for those that already have accounts. In time I plan on adding direct STEEM account creation, but that will be a long term goal and not something done within the first few months of the project.


Screenshot from 20190728 211522.png

Now to the the STEEM stuff. Currently the connection to STEEM is done in three steps.

  1. You put in your STEEM name to verify
  2. After hitting "Link" the master account on the server (currently v-entertainment) will send you a small transfer and a link to follow to finish the connect.
  3. Once you have gone to the link you are now connected.

This link is for server only actions: high-scores, and other minor rewards or delegations. Actual user side actions (the really good stuff) will be coming in a week or so.

Next steps

The High-score API will be moved over next and will include a very simple way for game developers to add their apps to OpenSeed for the use in a Game Jam that will be announced in that post. The ins and outs of this Jam have not been decided except for the following.

  • Must use Godot
  • Must use OpenSeed
  • Must use the High-score system.

I'm currently using git-hub to host the code for this project and the code is released under the GPL (currently). Please file bugs and feature requests there if you have any, but please be aware I'm doing this for the love of STEEM and Indie Game Development. If you would like to join the "team" please let me know.


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